Any adult who seeks to (re-)balance her or his life can be coached and supported psychologically in a personal and individual way.

How can Pascal Nicolas support you?

When you want change but do not know how to achieve this?

When you feel dissatisfied, unhappy, discouraged, but do not know how to solve these problems by yourself?
When you need counseling to better understand your personal, professional or family changes and/or problems.When you want to find a new (more fair) balance between you and your relationships.

How does the coaching / psychological support start?

At our first meeting we discuss your questions and/or concerns, such as:
What are your expectations? What is your purpose through this coaching / psychological support? How do we proceed? Coaching sessions consist of individual one hour interviews, structured to achieve a new balance and more equitable (decent) relationships.

For this, we go through several phases:

Who are you? Who would you like to be ? Who would you like to become?

First, we identify the challenges / problems / questions.  Next, we determine the goals.
Finally, I propose a strategy to actually achieve these goals.

We will look at all the obstacles in your life and discuss the possibilities of change and reinforcements . We do this by helping you formulate your own stories.

By providing you with short-term tasks, together, we can seek your long term vision in life and in the world.The exact duration of coaching is difficult to decide in advance. This can only be determined through the nature of your questions, concerns and expectations or objectives. The most important is that you experience utility and the fairness of your relationships. You decide how far you want to go and at what pace the coaching takes place. We regularly evaluate how your questions or problems are solved and eventually on how you can continue on your own.


Pascal Nicolas (°1961) holds a Masters in Psychology and Educational Sciences.
With an eventful life , professionally and personally, almost nothing human is alien to him . Change is the only constant for him. As a recognized psychologist, he works as an adult coach with a contextual approach based on the fairness of your relationships.
Pascal Nicolas is a recognized psychologist and bound by the code of ethics (registration number611114485).
In 2018 Pascal trained in Psychotraumatology & Victimology at the Centre Montoyer-Institute of Victimology (Brussels/Paris) and in 2023-24 also at The Trauma Research Foundation and The Master Series Oxford.

Where & when?

In Antwerp (Muggenberglei 230-2100, Deurne) by appointment on Mondays from 9am on and Tuesdays from 10:30am to 8pm.

Each session lasts at least 60 minutes and costs € 60.
You can pay cash, by Payconiq by Bancontact or by Paypal.

Contact me for an appointment by phone at+32 478 840 389or email:

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